Readiness Assessment for Technology Enabled Care

This checklist has been produced as part of the TEC Programme, and is designed to prompt reflection on your readiness for adopting technology enabled care.  It builds on other checklists developed by the JIT, in particular on partnership working.

It has been adapted from a published study of factors which influence successful adoption of technology into routine care across Europe – Momentum: 18 Critical Success Factors for Deployment of Telemedicine. Although the focus was on telehealth, the lessons and success factors apply more widely, hence their use here.

The checklist is designed to be used in a group within an organisation/partnership and looks to help formulate a critical self-assessment on how ready your organisation/partnership is to implement technology in health and care when assessed against the statements for each success factor. 

Gaps and/or factors which would benefit from further development should be addressed in your partnership action plan to build readiness for adopting technology enabled care in your area.

Download / View (146kb)