Report on Men’s Sheds in Scotland

We know from our direct work with Partnerships across Scotland that there are many local examples of work undertaken which seeks to build the capacity of local communities to become equal partners in producing their own health and social outcomes. Our ‘Reshaping Care for Older People Change Fund – Progress Report’ (November 2013) is evidence of this. That being said, the challenge is spreading and sustaining these examples of good practice in a way which adapts to different local contexts rather than spreading a one-size-fits-all model.

One example of a community-based initiative that appears to have spread to many local communities across Scotland is the Men’s Shed Movement. There is a growing body of evidence of the benefits of participation in the Men’s Shed upon the health and well-being of its participants. More information on the subject is available by the UK Men’s Shed Association. JIT has recently undertaken research to better understand how interest in Men’s Sheds has spread across Scotland and what we can learn about how this happened and lessons that could apply to supporting other community capacity building ideas.

Our report is now available below.

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