Strategic Planning (Joint Strategic Commissioning) JIT Advice Note February 2014

This Advice Note focuses upon work that should be underway regarding strategic planning during the 2014-15 transitional year.

It includes four appendices which provide more detailed information on aspects of the strategic planning agenda. Appendix One provides weblinks to the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Bill 2014 (the Bill), as amended at Stage 2, and related background information. An Action Note which outlines what partnerships will need to do in 2014-15 is set out in Appendix Two, whilst Appendix Three contains a number of items providing guidance, definitions, resources and learning tools and Appendix Four contains suggestions as to the scope and structure of the various planning documents that partnerships may consider producing. Appendix Five sets out the draft national outcomes that Integration Authorities will be accountable for delivering.

Statutory guidance underpinning the Bill will be consulted upon and issued by the Scottish Government later this year.

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