Untapped assets – Museums and Galleries in our local communities

Modern museum and gallery activities are far reaching, caring for our country’s treasures and collections and engaging, educating and bringing communities together. However, their undoubted impact on the communities they serve is often not recognised. They can be valuable contributors to the delivery of the health and wellbeing outcomes of the newly forming Integration Authorities and the socio-economic outcomes identified in the Community Plans.

Museums and galleries can:

  • promote community cohesion and identity,
  • instil health and wellbeing,
  • break down societal barriers,
  • offer a range of employment opportunities,
  • be the catalyst for regeneration,
  • educate those of all ages and requirements.

It is also worth noting that as well as contributing to National Outcomes, it has been shown that museums and galleries can increase participation in and access to projects and programmes. The ‘trusted spaces’ they provide are seen as a non-threatening environment in which to get involved. The result is that more people of diverse socio-economic groups tend to get ‘hands-on’ – invaluable to those focusing on delivery and uptake of services regionally.”

Source: Museums Galleries Scotland

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