JIT Scotland Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement is a theme that runs through all the work we’re involved with, and it’s high on partnership agendas. In basic terms, it relates to the process by which managers and staff establish goals and the plans for achieving them. In practice, it’s a challenging and constantly changing area that has a direct impact on service outcomes.

A key challenge for all partnerships is to develop and embed continuous improvement practices that:

  • focus on local needs and priorities;
  • provide a helpful framework for local managers and staff; and
  • meet the external requirements of the Scottish Government, and other audit, inspection and regulatory bodies.

We are working with a number of partnerships to support the development of frameworks that build on the Joint Performance Information and Assessment Framework (JPIAF) and the Local Improvement Targets (LITs), which are crucial performance elements within the Joint Future Agenda. We’re undertaking this work with a focus on the local context for partnerships.

Basket of Improvement Tools and Models

A JIT review of improvement tools to establish whether any are particularly suitable for use in partnerships revealed an array of different on-line and published tools. We have identified some which my have an application within partnership working and may make the task of selecting tools less bewildering.

Selection of Useful Improvement Tools and Models [99Kb]