Personal Outcomes

A focus on personal outcomes – making sure that public services are designed to deliver what people want – is a central plank of national policy, in line with the Christie Commission report and the Scottish Government’s response.

An outcomes approach to assessment, planning & review aims to shift engagement with people who use services away from service-led approaches.  This involves everyone working together to achieve the best possible impact on the individual’s life.  The philosophy of this approach is one that emphasises the strengths, capacity and resilience of individuals, builds upon natural support systems and includes consideration of wider community based resources.  The approach is consistent with policy priorities to engage people using services, personalisation and enablement and an assets-based approach to health.


JIT has led the way in Scotland to promoting a personal outcomes approach.  We have pioneered the development of Talking Points, a user and carer led approach to identifying personal outcomes that informs the design and review of care and support services.

Personal outcomes approaches are now being used in all partnerships but the extent to which this is embedded as standard practice varies considerably.  We will continue to promote the adoption of Talking Points across all partnerships as a key component of personalising care and support and delivering the outcomes that are important to people.  This work will make a significant contribution to the Person Centred Health and Care Programme and to the implementation of Self-Directed Support.

Challenges remain around ensuring a personal outcomes approach and at the same time, measuring progress in a consistent way.

Meaningful and Measurable is a one year Collaborative Action Research project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

The project brings together 3 academic organisations, 8 practice partners and 4 national stakeholder organisations with a shared interest: adopting a focus on personal outcomes in health and social care settings.

Over the past decade, developing approaches to the recording, analysis and use of personal outcomes data has been found to pose challenges at all levels of organisations. This website aims to explore the tensions between supporting meaningful outcomes for people and measuring aggregated information in a way that informs decision-making at organisational and national levels. Click on the image to see the site.

Meaningful and Measurable