Change Fund Plans

2013/14 Joint Commissioning Plans - Incorporating the Change Fund

From 2013/14 onwards, Partnerships are expected to prepare joint strategic commissioning plans, and guidance has now been released setting out what is expected to feature in these plans, clarifies the continuing role of the Change Fund and lays out the timescales and process in finalising commissioning plans and reporting the use of the Change Fund.

Partnerships' have until 28 February 2013 to submit the template contained within the guidance to the Scottish Government, having been signed off by all four partners involved in the process.

Full details are contained in our commissioning section, although the guidance below from 2012/13 for the Change Fund element is still extant.

2012/13 Change Fund

The Change Fund guidance for 2012/13 was released in November 2011, and is available for download below.

2012/13 Change Fund Guidance Letter [30Kb]
2012/13 Change Fund Guidance [169Kb]
2012/13 Change Fund Guidance (Word) [239Kb]

Change Fund Plans by Local Partnership

2012/13 Change Plans: Overview Reports

Change Fund Finance Review [20Kb]
Co-production and CCB Thematic Review [55Kb]
Education and Training Overview [26Kb]
Enhancing the Role of the Third Sector [154Kb]
Housing Thematic Review [38Kb]
JIT Overview of 2011/12 Mid Year Progress [517Kb]
JIT Themed Assessment [90Kb]
Performance on Outcomes [30Kb]
Review of Community Care Outcomes Framework [642Kb]
Trends in Selected Boards [168Kb]

2011/12 Change Plans: Overview Reports