Our Strategic Plan

Our strategic Plan is built upon the four pillars of public service reform in Scotland, and is underpinned by key national policies and strategies.  It describes what we will do and what changes we expect to make over the three year period between 2013 and 2016.  It is accompanied by a detailed management plan that will be refreshed and updated annually.

We have identified, in discussion with our national partners, stakeholders and local partnerships, six core priorities between now and 2016.  Our priorities are mutually reinforcing and provide the best opportunities for us to support local partnerships to continue to improve outcomes for their local populations.  These put person-centred outcomes at the heart of our approach and provide the best opportunity for us to support local partnerships.

JIT’s Strategic Priorities 2013-16

In line with the public service reform agenda, we will give priority to achieving a decisive shift to prevention, and to improving integration, partnership and collaboration.  In addition, given the importance people place on their homes, we will give priority in this strategy to improving the place – home and community – in which people live.  These take forward nationally agreed aims and ambitions.

The JIT exists to provide practical support and assistance to local health, housing and social care partnerships across statutory, voluntary and independent sectors.  This practical support is centred on improving practice and performance and building capabilities of those who provide these public services.