What is Joint Strategic Commissioning?

Joint Strategic Commissioning (Strategic Planning) is about planning and delivering services and support for people in a new way. It includes identifying the needs of individuals and communities, enabling people to decide what will best address those needs and working together with agencies to put the right services and support in place. See Joint Strategic Commissioning – A definition – June 2012

The Public Bodies (Joint Working) Scotland Act 2014 has highlighted the importance of Joint Strategic Commissioning (referred to as Strategic Planning) to achieve the right outcomes for people. The Act sets out the functions of local authorities and of Health Boards that must and may be delegated to Integration Authorities and requires the NHS, local authorities and other key partners – including people and carers to work together to produce a Strategic Plan for adults by April 2016. Read the JIT advice note on Strategic Planning here.

How does the JIT support improvement in Joint Strategic Commissioning?

The JIT provides improvement support on Joint Strategic Commissioning by focusing on a number of key areas including:

  • Learning and Development Programme
  • Direct Support to Partnerships as they move to new Integration arrangements
  • Self Directed Support and Commissioning
  • Market Facilitation
  • Relationship between Procurement and Commissioning
  • Children’s Commissioning